What I have to say concerning eruptive diseases will be more heretical, if possible, than my teachings concerning other so-called diseases. Physicians, and most lay people, will not agree with me that there are no contagious and infections, in the sense usually understood--namely, that normal people can catch disease by coming in contact with sick people; that, for example, if a normal, unvaccinated child comes in contact with one sick of smallpox or diphtheria, it will "catch" the disease. This belief rests upon the theory that came in with Jenner, and was clarified by Pasteur's discovery of the cause of fermentation.

The germ theory cleared away the mystery of divine retribution--mysterious influences, witchcraft, and the thousand-and-one imaginings of ignorance and superstition, much of which still exists, and is found in high and low places; yes, it can be found conglomerated with some of the highest gray-matter development of our day--today. The belief is contagion, in the same sense that smallpox is contagious, is a modified form of the witchcraft of one hundred years ago. Typhoid Mary is a modern witch. She is made to suffer because of medical belief in an evil influence. Everyone once believed in witches; it was a disease of the mind. Such a belief is a libel on law and order. Yes, sir, such beliefs belong to sensualism and medical commercialism. The profession commercializes on the ignorance and sensuality of the people. It is a fatalistic belief, absurdly out of keeping with law and order. If health, happiness and long life are no'' the rewards for a wellordered life, then turn Beelzebub loose, and on with the dance of perdition.

Drunkenness starts with the first indigestion in a child's life. From this first drunk, many children are scarcely over one debauch before they are plunged into another. These drunks vary in intenseness from a so-called cold, or indigestion, and different forms of simple catarrhal fevers, to varying forms of the eruptive fevers, the intensity of which is aggravated by the amount of intestinal putrescence. Every so- called disease is a form of elimination. Eruption means elimination of auto-infection.

The several forms of these intestinal crises, or drunks, follow holidays or feast-days. The lightest drunks are named colds, "flu," tonsilitis; the heaviest, diphtheria. In those who eliminate through the skin (the eruptive fevers), the lightest form is called measles; the heavier, scarlet fever; the heaviest, black smallpox. When physical environments, local or general, are depressing - enervating to animal life--holiday and feast-day debaucheries are often followed by so-called epidemics of malignant types, with heavy mortality. When great psychological depression follows a world-crisis, such as succeeded the World War, an ordinary epidemic of colds becomes an extraordinary epidemic of "flu," from which the chronic food-drunkards, with enervated hearts from Toxemia, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea, died when medicated. Adding drug stimulation to a body already loaded down by an excess of stimulation gave the coup to thousands of "flu" victims.

Speculating on germs as a cause of humanity's acute and chronic food inebriety, and the varying types of drunks above referred to, is an illustration of how medical gray matter can be built out of ignoring common, every-day experience and pedestalizing a remodeled superstition.

All so-called diseases--pathologies--have been subjected to intensive study for the purpose of discovering their cause, which was assumed at the beginning of the study to be a germ. Failure is almost inevitable when a discovery is undertaken with a mind prejudiced by preconceptions. The mind's eye is made amblyopic by preconceived opinions. It cannot see the mountains of causes on every hand, because its vision is centered and pre-occupied in looking for one object to the exclusion of everything else. This is the only explanation why a profession with the resources of the "regular" profession is unable successfully to apply its knowledge at the bed-side. It cannot compete with the motley crowds of cults which are in league with the powers that be. Instead of overcoming them with superior skill, it must use force to hold back an opposition the virtue of which consists, wittingly or not, in combining its forces with nature's curative powers. Drugs, serums, officious nursing, and feeding have queered and will continue to queer the profession's most sanguine expectations, founded on its most scientific therapeutic data.

Typhoid Fever (more a disease of adult life) is evolved by feeding and medicating acute indigestion and the treatment should be the same as for any of the foregoing so-called infectious fevers.