Septic or Diphtheritic Croup is a disease of a very different nature. It means catarrhal croup intensified by a putrescent state of the intestinal canal. It is the so-called contagious croup. Comparatively few who are exposed develop it. The true cause is that the child has been developing gastro-intestinal indigestion for some time, until the organism is suffering generally from putrescent intestinal infection. This type of croup does not always start with such pronounced or formidable symptoms as ordinary catarrhal croup. The child will have a slight fever and putrescent breath, and a slight croupy cough. Indeed, such children will often show a croupy cough for two or three days and nights before dangerous symptoms show up. On examination, the stethoscope will show a bronchial involvement. When this is true, the writer has never known a case to recover.

All that can be done is to palliate with quite hot applications to the throat, hot baths, perfect quiet--positively no food. The bowels should be washed out thoroughly with an enema. It is said, by those who believe in the antitoxin, that the injections of this so-called cure will save such cases; but the writer's experience has been different; and, inasmuch as he never has seen a case recover, he still is waiting for such a cure to take place.