The " Brushing-face " positionDescription of Diagrams 577 There are two forms under this position.

1. - Keep the palms of the hands close together in front on a level with the chin, the two little fingers and elbows applied close together and raise them together over the forehead.

2. - Gradually bend the fingers in order to make hooks of them and then slowly clench the fists and place them under the chin; open them (the fists) again, bring the thumbs together, extend the hands and pass them over the forehead 5 also keep the two little fingers together and finally make the hands into fists and place them again under the chin. The wrists and elbows should be close together.

"Court Tablet" positionDescription of Diagrams 578

Pull the fists apart on a level with the shoulders, in a circular form as if enfolding things, the back of the hand directed upwards and the fists opposite each other, and apart 18 or 19 inches, and in front take a breath.

"Side-lifting" position Description of Diagrams 579 There are three forms under this position.

1. - Standing aslant, the left foot bent, the right foot erect, interlock the hands and raise them with energy over the head.

2. - Bend the body gradually as if making a bow, as far as the instep of the foot, turn the palms and press downwards, afterwards interlock them again and raise them to the space between the knee and the chin, then all at once make a whirl, and straighten the body and loins.

3. - Separate the hands and let them circle round the ears, then clench the fists and bend the arms in a circular form; the two fists apart opposite each other 18 or 19 inches and the back of the hands kept upwards, take a breath. It is done in the same way on the right; thrice on each side, taking altogether six breaths.

"Front-lifting" positionDescription of Diagrams 580 There are three forms under this position.

1. - Standing erect, the feet 15 or 16 inches apart, interlock the hands and raise them over the head.

2. - Gradually bend the body as in the 2nd form of the "Side-lifting" position to the level of the loins. This is done in front, which is the only difference.

3. - This form is also the same as the 3rd of the "Side-lifting" position, except that it is performed thrice in front and one breath is taken each time.

The position of "Hsueh-kung standing" Description of Diagrams 581 Ten forms are given under this position.

1. - Open the fists, keep the fingers straight, then wind them round the ears and stop at a level with the breasts.

2. - Press downwards from the breasts to the navel without stopping until the navel is reached.

3. - Turn out the hands from the under part of the ribs, keep the palms directed upwards on a level with the shoulders, each hand even 4 or 5 inches apart from the head; the two thumbs in front of the shoulders, the other fingers extended behind the shoulders.

4. - Close the hands together even with the underpart of the chin; the two little fingers close together with the pulms upwards and the wrists and elbows close together. For the first time pronate the palms, let the two little fingers be attached and stretch them upwards.

5. - And then raise them thus over the forehead.

6. - Gradually bend the fingers into the form of a hook, and form them into fists level with the chin.

7. Open the fists, the palms upwards and the thumbs close together. For the second time pronate the palms the thumbs close together and stretch them upwards.

8. - Raise the hands over the forehead, bring the two little fingers close together, afterwards bring them down to the level of the chin, clench them into fists, then open them as before, bring the two little fingers close together and the palms directed upward over the forehead.

9. - This form is exactly related to the last. For the 3rd time, pronate the palms, the two little fingers close together and stretch them upwards.

10. - Then lower the fingers, form them into fists, let them be evenly arranged and circularly as if enfolding things; the two ,fists 18 or 19 inches apart. One breath is then taken. This is to be performed three times, so three breaths should be taken.

The " Arranging-elbow " positionDescription of Diagrams 582

There are three forms under this position.

1. - The left foot bent, the right foot straight, the right hand clenched and held in the left hand.

2. - Stretch out the left elbow to the left and draw it back immediately, then squat with the body, the left foot straight, the other bent; let the left hand still hold the right fist and raise the right elbow a little.

3. - Raise the body, with the left foot bent and the right foot straight; lean the body to the left, take a breath; raise the right elbow higher. Perform the same on the right side; on each side three times taking six inspirations. While the body is leaning, let the eyes look at a point six inches from the feet.

278 The " Resting-on-the knee ' position.Description of Diagrams 583

The left foot bent, the light foot straight, lav the right hand on the left leg over two inches from the knee with the left hand laid on the top of the right hand. Pronate the body sideways, let the face look evenly towards the left and take a breath. With the back bowed, the neck straight, look downwards at a point more than six inches from the feet. Do the same on the right, three times on each side and take six breaths.