The Level FrameDescription of Diagrams 567 - There are four "horse-riding" forms under this position.

1. - Standing evenly and uprightly, separate the feet the width of the shoulders apart and keep the palms upward on the same level as the loins. Do not lean against anything.

2. - Turn the palms downwards, always on the same level as the loins.

3. - Rub evenly from the sides and make a circle as if rubbing the head.

4. - Then stretch the arms straight forward and erect the hands with the palms directed forward and fingers upwards on the same level as the nipple; take one breath, and wait a little, about the time of three respirations. Afterwards, after taking a breath, the eyes should be directed to the right, left, above and below, the time of three respirations being taken as the unit.

There are also two " looking-moon "Description of Diagrams 569 forms under this position.

1. - Let the left foot take a step horizontally to the side, bend the left knee, incline the left foot; keep both the right leg and foot straight. Lay the left hand on the upper aspect of the thigh, with the thumb directed backwards and wind the right hand round the back of the right ear and with the five fingers in a form as if holding a thing, the points of the fingers directed backwards like the claws of a vulture.

2. - Afterwards, raise the left hand up to the level of the eye, the fingers clenched so that the thumb shall be opposite the little ringer, the second one, the fourth and the middle one projecting a little. Keep the palm - the heart of the hand - hollow, sufficient to contain the lid of a tea cup. First look at the height of the left hand, then turn the head even and take a breath. Again turn the head and look at the part between the thumb and forefinger. Repeat this on the right side; three times on each side, swallowing six mouthfuls of air.

There are two " expanding-breath "Description of Diagrams 570 forms under this position.

1. - The first resembles the first "horse-riding"' form, except that the palms are even.

2. - The second resembles the last "horse-riding" form, except that the hands are turned and pushed to the front like the last of the "horse-riding" forms and no breath is taken.

Preliminary Military Exercises. - Description of Diagrams 571 There are three forms under this position and seven diagrams.

1. - The left foot bent, the right foot straight, the remainder the same as the first "looking-moon" position and in addition with the face straight take a breath and turn the head to the left.

2. - Stretch out the left hand which was formerly laid on the leg straight to the left and keep the palm downwards.

3. - Turn the left hand back to the level of the breast and then stretch it out again and bring it back, repeating it two times.

4. - Turn over the hand on the breast with the thumb upwards and the other fingers downwards and the palm opposite the breast and take a breath.

5. - Turn the hand with the thumb downwards and the middle finger upwards and turn the head to the left.

6. - Stretch out the hand opposite to the breast and wind it round the ear, keep the palm directed upwards and extend it to the left.

7. - Turn it back from behind the ear and clench the fist in front of the breast, keep the outer part of the fist directed upwards, take a breath and then turn the head to the left. To be done on the right also, each side three times, altogether taking eighteen breaths.

The " Circulating or Inspecttng-hand " positionDescription of Diagrams 572

Standing erect, keep the feet 15 or 16 inches apart; the elbows extended evenly forwards, the wrists straight and perpendicular opposite each other and the fingers separated.

The " Jade Girdle " positionDescription of Diagrams 573

Separate the palms, pressing them down behind the ears to the loins on the level of the navel; keep the tips of the fingers apart and corresponding to each other, and distant from the body three inches interlocking, as it were, the loins and take a breath.

The " Suspending-Loin " PositionDescription of Diagrams 574

Apply the fists to the loins, turn the backs of the hands downward and full in front take a breath.

The " Holding-up Robe " positionDescription of Diagrams 575

Open the fists, turn them from the underpart of the ribs, pronate the palms and stretch them forward evenly as if lifting something and full in front take a breath.

The " Turban " positionDescription of Diagrams 576

Separate the hands, turn them out from under the ribs to above the head to a distance of 7 or 8 inches between them and the head, direct the palms outwards, the fingers separated opposite each other with the thumb downwards on a level with the eyes.