(The important thing is to have the lungs full of air). The two-essences of the Sun and Moon must unite to produce the myriad things of nature. The ancients swallowed these essences and in time became genii. The method is secret. People in the world are ignorant of it. Even among those who know it, their will not being strong and with want of constant practice, it becomes useless. Although those who daily exercise the kung are few, yet if it is done from the beginning and continued until it is complete and until death, whether at leisure or busy and whether or not there is any outside business, if only it is done daily and constantly, one can become an immortal without much difficulty. By receiving and swallowing it, the essence of the sun and moon is added to the spirit and intelligence and then ignorance and all crudities are dissolved and the person feels full of vigour and is very efficient and the myriad diseases are not developed. Truly the benefit is great. The method is daily on the first of the month (shuo) when the air is new and fresh and during the last half (wang) when metal and water (two of the 5 elements) are full and the air is perfect and progressive, at this time one can obtain the lunar essence.. If it rain or be cloudy on any of these days, or if from want of leisure on those days, the 2nd, 3rd and 16th and 17th will also do, and so can also increase the vigour and essence; if after these six days when the sun is inclining to the West and the moon becomes smaller and weaker their essence is insufficient and therefore unimportant to health. In speaking of the sun, its essence ought to be swallowed on the 1st and 15th between 3 and 7 a.m. One must go to a high place, opposite the sun, remain perfectly still, harmonize the air inspired by the nose and slowly inhale the solar essence one full mouthful, then close the respiration, collect the animal vigour, and slowly swallow it little by little and thinking, let the idea introduce it Into the Central Palace (the tan-t'ien). This is the manner of performing one act of deglutition and it must be repeated 7 times. Then stop a little, retaining it, after which you may repair home and attend to your ordinary buiness without inconvenience. During the lunar diminution (the sun and moon are said to be full on the 1st and 15th respectively) also according to the foregoing method from 7 to 11 p.m., also 7 times repeated. This is the principle pervading heaven and earth; if one pursues it with a constant and fixed heart, great advantage can be obtained; those who believe it can lay hold of it and use it. This is the method for performing a very large and important Kung. Do not reckon it unimportant and make no mistake in regard to it.

In refining the animal vigour by external exercises we use kneading and at the time of practising the exercise, a medicine pill is taken, swallowed and when it is conjectured, that it is dissolved (in the stomach), use the kneading; the strength of the pill unites with the kneading and thus the advantage is obtained. No benefit accrues from beginning the kneading before the pill has dissolved nor long after it has dissolved. Knead and take a pill once in three days and continue in this manner. (The ingredients of the pills have been already given).

Another matter to be attended to under kung-lu is constantly washing and bathing the body in brine. The salted water can make the hard soft and disperse the heat. It is performed daily or once in two days. The prescription is to take of the root-bark of Lycium Chinense and salt, of each ad libitum, in warm water and thus the blood and air will harmonize and the skin and epidermis will feel most comfortable.

The third thing calling for attention is the wooden pestle and mallet, both of which are made of hard wood. The pestle is 6 inches long, the mid part 1/2 inch in diameter, the head round, the tail, sharp (a knob at one end and a point at the other end). The mallet is 1 foot long, 4 inches in circumference; the handle is slender at the upper part, the top is thick with a knob at the end of the handle and at the middle the body of it a little higher. (See illustrations).

Method For Acquiring The Essences Of The Sun And M 549

The fourth thing is the pebble bag. It is necessary to beat the muscles with the wooden pestle and mallet but the joints must be exercised with the pebble bag. It is made of linen cloth, in form not unlike the pestle and of three different sizes, the major one eight inches long, and one catty in weight; the medium one 6 inches long and 12 ounces in weight and the minor one 5 inches long and half a catty in weight. The size of the largest pebbles must not exceed the size of the grape and the smaller, the pomegranate seed, and only those must be used which have been found in water and are free from edges and corners.

Kung-fu for the First Month. At the beginning of kneading a succession of little boys is required for they possess little strength, and so knead not so heavily and their animal vigour is strong. First swallow the pill and just as it begins to digest commence the kneading; the advantage is to be gained when the two go hand in hand. On beginning the kneading the dress on the breast must be opened, recline and place the palm of the hand on the part below the heart and above the navel, and knead from the right to the left, slowly coming and going, not so light that the hand Haves the skin and not so heavy as to press heavily upon the bones, and not to be performed confusedly. This is the proper mode. While kneading, the heart must look inwards i.e., denuded of all external thought and the idea guarded in the "medium" and the thoughts not allowed to roam outside and thus the essence, the air and the spirit, are all below the palm. This is truly the golden mean (hwo howMethod For Acquiring The Essences Of The Sun And M 551