At this period there is no scattering of the thoughts, and the kneading is equalized. If this condition is attained, one can sleep during the process and the method is all the more remarkable; the show-chung idea is better when the person is asleep. The duration of the exercise must be about the time taken to burn two sticks of incense, each day thrice, morning, noon and evening. If the person be young and strong, twice daily, morning and evening, will be sufficient, if more frequently performed harm might be the result. After kneading, a short sleep is advisable after which other business may be engaged in without detriment.

Kung-fu for the Second Month. The animal vigour has accumulated during the first month, the stomach has become large and broad, and the sinews on the sides of the abdomen have been aised over one inch, and can, when pressed with air, become as hard as wood or stone. This is the result. But the space between the sinews from the heart to the navel is still soft and hollow, because the membranes are deeper than the sinews and the palm kneading has not yet reached them and consequently they have not risen. This time, knead by the side of the palm so as to open a [another] palm according to the former method and pound deeply the soft parts with the wooden pestle and after a time the membranes will be raised above the skin and possess the same strength as the sinews, without being either soft or hollow and this is the complete kung. The period occupied by kneading and pounding must be that of two sticks of incense thrice daily, and daily by the use of this exercise no defect will be developed.

Kung-fu for the Third Month. After two months' exercise, the hollow space in the centre is a little raised; and then gently beat with the wooden mallet on the kneaded portion of the two sides of the first palm "width" and pound with the wooden pestle the parts which reach the end of the two great sinews one "palm wide" according to the kneading method. The time occupied is to equal the time taken in burning two sticks of incense thrice daily.

Kung-fu for the Fourth Month. Three months' exercise being now completed, the three middle "palm-wide" parts are all beaten by the wooden mallet and the external two "palm-wide" parts are first pounded, then beaten, thrice daily, for a period equal to the burning of each two sticks of incense. After exercising over 100 days, the air becomes full, the sinews strong, then the membranes raised and thus advantage is reaped.

Light and heavy Method of pet forming the Kung. In beginning the exercises, light manipulation is of the first importance, and a young boy must be employed because his strength is even; after one month when the air has slowly increased the strength can be increased; it must not be used too strongly in case inflammation should be set up; it must be pursued in strict order and not confusedly in case the skin should get injured, therefore care must be exercised.

Deep and superficial Method of performing the Kung. In the beginning the exercise is superficial, the strength increases daily, because the air is becoming stronger and therefore the weight may be gradually increased although it is still superficial. Following this the pestle is used to pound which can be done deeply and afterwards beat and although the beating outside is shallow, the movement is felt deeply inside and this is to make both the inside and outside strong and in this way benefit accrues.

Internal and external Kung-fu for the ribs. The animal vigour is full when the kung have been performed over 100 days, like a mountain torrent which is full to the brim (margin) and there is no place to which it cannot flow if a channel be left for it. At this time therefore precautions must be adopted to keep the air from escaping to the four extremities by improper pounding or beatings outside the kneaded portion, otherwise if there is the slightest idea of conducting it elsewhere, it will become external strength (robustness.) If once the animal vigour has thus become external, it cannot be brought back and made to enter the bones and so cannot become the internal robustness. In order to make it enter inside, the pebble bag already described is used and beginning at the "mouth of the heart" (breast) and proceeding to the end of the ribs, the space between the bones and muscles must be closely pounded, again kneading and beating them after a long time the animal vigour which has accumulated will be led to the bones and not over-flow to the limbs. This is the internal robustness. Here the distinction between inside and outside is to be observed and maintained; if not clearly differentiated in such actions as drawing the bow, moving the fists, beating or grasping a thing, the air will proceed to the outside and can never be brought back to the inside, so it is necessary to use the utmost care.

Kung-fu for the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Months. The exercises on the ribs have now been performed for over 100 days and we have already beaten with the pebble bag and kneaded from below the "mouth of the heart" to the end of the ribs on the two sides, that is the part where the clefts of the bones unite, and where the external and internal robustness divide. If at this place it is undesirable to lead the vigour to the outside, the accumulated air can enter the fissures of the bones following the course of the beating. One ought to beat from the breast to the neck and from the ends of the ribs to the shoulder, performing revolution after revolution in this manner but never retrograding, thrice daily, occupying the time taken to burn six sticks of incense. This Kung must be done continuously and without intermission for 100 days when the breast in front becomes full, and the fen pulse also full. The Kung-fu is now half finished.

Kung-fu for the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Months. When the Kung-fu has been performed for 200 days, the animal vigour in the front of the chest is full and the fen pulse full, the vigour must be transferred to the back and made to communicate with the Tu pulse. The air has already reached to the shoulder and neck. The former method must be pursued in beating and kneading, going upwards to the occiput, in the middle of the spine between the scapulae and downwards to the coccyx beating each part and returning and repeating the operation and never retrograding. The soft parts on the sides of the spine must be kneaded with the palm or pounded and beat by the pestle and mallet thrice daily, occupying the time taken to burn six sticks of incense, whether above or below, right or left kneading or beating one revolution. In this way in 100 days the back will be full of air, and dissipate all manner of disease and the Tu pulse full to overflowing. After each beating it must be rubbed with the hand in order to make it uniform.