We have omitted here several sections, partly as unimportant but chiefly as being quite unfit for publication. One is entitled the Method of Pairing the Yin and Yang principles. Another is called the Method for applying kung-fu to the Lower Portion of the body. A third is termed Things Forbidden in the Practice of Kung-fu. Then follows a prescription for the washing of the Lower Portion of the Body, the object of which is to cause the efficacy of the drugs to be communicated to the air and unite with the blood in the system, to toughen the skin, dissipate the heat and free the system from desire. The receipt is as follows. Take of She-ch'wang-tse Method For Acquiring The Essences Of The Sun And M 552 (Selinum Monnieri); root bark of Lycium Chinense and liquorice ad libitum. Make a decoction, foment the parts once or twice daily. The next section is entitled "Joining Battle."

Internal robustness and " divine strength." We have not yet exhausted the subject of the internal and external energy, so must now exhibit it. Since we have used the Kung by beating and kneading the ribs, the air has reached to the joints, and the two pulses Jen and Tu have become full, and the air has circulated and filled everywhere, and before and behind have entered into communication, still we have not yet perceived any great addition of strength. How then do we speak of strength (energy) because the air (energy) has not yet reached to the hands. The method for securing this is by the use of the pebble bag as already described, beginning with the right shoulder beating bit by bit down to the back of the middle finger, then from the back of the shoulder beating down to the back of the thumb and forefinger and then again from the front of the shoulders beating down to the back of the ring and little fingers, and once more from the inside of the shoulder beating to the palm and the end of the thumb and forefinger and again from the outside of the shoulder beating to the palms and ends of the middle and little fingers. When the beating is finished, the hand must rub and knead to make them uniform, thrice daily, time, six sticks of incense. Also frequently washing with warm water in order to cause the blood and air to flow together. After thus exercising 100 days, the air has reached to all parts. The same exercises must be gone through with the left hand for the same length of time and then by this time "divine strength" is developed in the inside of the bones and in the course of time go on adding exercise after exercise, the arm, the wrist, fingers and palm will become totally different from what they were formerly. Then taking hold of the idea and using energy they will become as hard as stone and iron and the fingers will be able to go through a bullock's abdomen and the palm on edge will be able to decapitate a bullock's head. This is but a very small particle of the benefit to be derived from kung-fu.

To exercise in order to transport the superfluous strength to the hands. The plan to be adopted is constantly to bathe the hands in warm water, at first warm, then hot, then very hot. Both palm and wrists should be washed and after washing they should not be thoroughly dried but shaken and so dried spontaneously. While washing the hands in this way use force to press the air in order to make it reach to the points of the fingers. This is the method to produce strength. Then fill a vessel with mixed black and green peas and constantly dip the hands into the vessel. The bathing and washing above mentioned was with the object of harmonizing the blood and air, the object of the two sorts of peas is to disperse and remove the "fire" poison; and the dipping is to strengthen the skin by rubbing it. By using this sort of kung-fu for a long time the accumulated air can be forwarded to the hand and the strength thus become complete, and the skin, sinews and membranes will mutually be strengthened and closely embrace the bones, neither soft nor hard

If not in use, it will be as with ordinary mortals, but in use and the idea exercised, will become as strong as iron and stone and nothing will be able to withstand it. This strength is developed from the bones and is totally different from what is usually termed external robustness. The difference between outside and inside robustness is to be recognized by the sinews. In the internal, the sinews are long and comfortable, the skin is fine and glossy and the strength is heavy (intense); in the external, the skin is coarse and tough; the various sinews of the palms and wrists are coiled like the common earthworm and apparent on the skin, and the strength although great, has no root. This is the difference between the two.

The External Robustness and Divine Strength of the Eight Ornamental Sections. Having now obtained the internal robustness, and the strength of the bones firmly consolidated, afterwards it can be lead to the outside, because the inside has a root and it can be driven from the inside to the outside, and so become the root of the science. In disciplining the outside kung there are the eight methods lifting, holding up, pushing, pulling, clutching, pressing, seizing, and overflowing. Perform these eight methods energetically, each method once and repeat times without number, thrice daily about the time that six sticks of incense would take to burn, and after a long time when the kung is finished the whole body will be filled with strength. When required it will be freely developed without fail. When people hear of this they are thunderstruck. The ancients thought that lifting the portcullis was a feat of marvellous strength (referring to a Herculean feat of this sort performed by K'ung shu-liang-ho, the father of Confucins who was renowned for his great personal prowess and unusual strength.) or the strength capable of lifting a tripod (referring to Wu yun and Pa wang who could lift a tripod 1000 catties in weight - the latter the Hercules or Samson of China.) Practise the above eight methods separately one after the other and the greatest benefit is to be derived therefrom; if otherwise minded, follow the exercise sua volonte.

Added kung to the Divine Strength. Internal and external kung being now both complete, which can be termed Divine strength, but although complete, it must afterwards be constantly employed and must not be thrown aside at will. You must find out growing in the garden a large tree, in order to obtain the air of the soil and wood which causes it to grow and which is different from that of other localities. When you have leisure you must proceed to the shade of the tree and according to your own convenience practise the exercises, whether beating, or rubbing, pushing, drawing, kicking or pulling up, in order to obtain the growing energy of the tree to produce or excite your vitality and during leisure can complete the kung-fu. Again search out a wilderness adjoining hills and find a large erect stone that has grown beautiful and the finest to be found and constantly resort to it and practise the pushing, pressing and the other above mentioned exercises and obtain the auspiciousness of the site and if you can obtain this air there is certainly great advantage. In ancient times the Great Shun dwelt beside stones and wood and his practice was not devoid of meaning.

On the Method of Calculating and Revolving the Strength, so as to store up the energy in all parts of the body. The chapter is too long and somewhat intricate for translation, and is therefore omitted.

These are followed by the Twelve Ornamental Sections which are simply an amplification of the Eight already given. They are derived from the Buddhist sect in which meditation is the all important thing. If one proposes to practise these exercises the first thing is to close the eyes, shut the heart, close tighty the hands; all worldly affairs are to be banished, the heart must be perfectly pure the breath harmonized, and then the spirit will be fixed, afterwards performing the kung according to the order and forms given, the energy and idea will react to the place desired. The exercise of the form without the idea is useless; if the heart as governor wanders here and there and the spirit and idea are both dissipated, the trouble of the exercise is borne in vain; no good is to be derived from the kung. At first in disciplining the movements, the heart and strength must both have arrived [at the place desired in the exercise], this is the movement, the peaceful repose, is the heart thinking of the number 30 times, and daily increasing up to 100 times, thrice daily and after 20 days the kung are complete. When the air and strength are obtained, thrice daily will do, and when the air and stength are strongly consolidated, once daily will do. The important thing in all these exercises is that the idea constantly accompanies them.