1. - Rub the thumbs of the two hands until they become hot, then rub the nose with them 36 times, to moisten the lungs. 2. - Let the eyes look at the point of the nose and then breathe silently several times. 3. - Every evening lying prone in bed with the pillow removed, bend the legs and keep the feet upright, and inhale the pure air by the nostrils 4 times and expire by the nose 4 times. In expiration use energy, afterwards breathe gently by the nose. To cure heat of the body and pain of the back.

Hand. 1. - Interlock the hands and support the empty void of heaven with the palms and lay them on the head 24 times, to remove the vicious air of the thorax. 2. - Let one hand be stretched forward and the other bent backward as if drawing a very tight bow equal to a resistance of 500 catties, to remove the vicious air of the arms and axillae. 3. - Clench tightly the two hands and with the fists strike the arms and thighs with them; then turn the hands backwards and strike the back each 36 times, to remove the vicious air of the four pits (the two axillae and the two groins) 4. - Hold the fists tightly, bend the elbows backwards and draw them backwards 7 times and let the head twisted follow the hands to the right and left, to cure red boils of the body. 5. - Let the two fists with energy strike right and left the emptiness 7 times, to remove the vicious wind of the thorax.

Feet. 1. - Sitting upright, stretch the feet, bend the head as if worshipping and with energy let the hands grasp the soles 12 times, to remove the vicious air of the pericardium. 2. - Sitting on a high place with the feet hanging down let the heels be rotated opposite each other outwards and let the toes converge opposite each other inwards, each 24 times, to cure rheumatism of the feet. 3. - Seated cross legged take hold of the toes with one hand and rub the sole with the other until it becomes hot. In the sole there is the "bubbling fountain" aperture from which damp and wind find exit; when rubbed hot may stop; then move the toes themselves, to cure dampness and heat and increase the walking energy 4. - Kneeling on one leg, the hands supported by the bed, extend and flex the legs alternately 7 times. Change from right to left, to remove swelling.

of the knees and ankles. 5. - Clench the fists slowly, step with the left foot to the front, pronate and supinate the left hand in front, and the right behind; in the same manner do it on the right, to remove the vicious air of the two shoulders.


1. - Set the shoulders with the hands in a rotatory motion, alternately right and left turning the windlass, 24 times; first rotate the left, then the right; this is termed the "Single Pulley;" then both together; this is called the "Double Pulley" 2. - Rest and harmonize the mind, rub the navel alternately with each hand 14 times then the ribs and shoulders 7 times and inspire and convey the air to the tan-t'ien; clench tightly the fists and lie down on one side bending the feet, to prevent nocturnal emissions.


Let the hands rest on the bed, contract (shrink) the body in a heap, bend the back, bow the vertebra column and raise it up 13 times, to remove the vicious air of the heart and liver.


1. - Rub the abdomen with the hands and walk 100 steps to cure indigestion. 2. - Close the breath and think the fire of the tan-t'ien up and burn the whole body.


Hold the fists tightly, place them on the ribs and shake the shoulders 24 times, to remove pain and vicious air from the loins. 2. - Rub the hands hot, take a breath of pure air by the nose and gradually let it out, then with the warm hands rub the semen door i.e., the soft part below (at the lower part of) the back.


1. - Grasp with one hand the "two sons" of the inside and outside kidneys (the Chinese suppose them connected) and with the other hand rub the navel, each hand 81 times. This instruction is put into a rhyme thus: - one rub, one suspend, right and left change hands, nine times nine in number and the male principle will not go. 2. - Before sleeping sit on the bed, with the legs hanging down, open the clothes, close the breath, apply the tongue to the roof of the mouth, and direct the eyes to the "door of the vertex" (the crown of the head). Elevate and contract the "cereal road" as if to prevent defecation and with the two hands rub the two apertures called Shen-u of the two kidneys, each 120 times, to produce semen, strengthen the membrum virile, remove pain from the loins and prevent frequent micturition.

People according to their diseases and wishes must select the proper exercises or use them as prophylactic; in general, officials and merchants not having time to perform them and considering themselves sufficiently strong are not willing to go through these exercises; if they wait till the body is enfeebled and then express their willingness, it will be too late. Such people are to be commiserated.

Notes on Kung-fu regulating the various parts of the body. It will be observed that the cause of disease is invariably supposed to depend upon the presence of vitiated or depraved air having stealthily gained admittance. The air thus shut up causes obstruction. It is sometimes-termed thievish or air deflected from its proper course. The Chinese proverb runs, avoid a draught of air as you would the point of an arrow. - It is recommended to rub the soles of the feet until hot and also to move each toe; this measure being effectual in preserving and repairing the vital and animal spirits. The middle of the sole of the foot is supposed to be the outlet of a great many services of spirits and like mouths of rivers, the arteries and veins end there and therefore must be kept open. - It is advisable every time one awakes, to stretch one's self in bed, thus facilitating the course of the spirits and circulation. One ought not to sleep like a dead man (i.e., not to lie on one's back), nor to let the hands rest on the breast or heart, so as to avoid dreams and nightmares. Once in bed to keep silence, to refrain from talking; the lungs are the most tender of the viscera and consequently placed uppermost and they serve for respiration and promotion of the voice. On taking any position in bed, they incline to rest upon that side; by talking the lungs are forced to raise themselves in part and by strongly heaving; shake the other noble internal parts. The voice comes from the lungs as the sound from a bell, if the bell be not hung, it is damaged by striking it to make it sound. Confucius never spoke after he was in bed; he made it a rule doubtless for this reason. - The Chinese have as a rule good teeth. The better classes use warm tea or water with which to cleanse them each morning and after meals. It is ordered to sleep with the head and face uncovered and with the mouth shut as it tends to keep the radical moisture from escaping and preserves the teeth. Early loss of teeth is caused by the air passing in and out between them; besides gross particles are inhaled which give rise to distempers.

The tan-t'ien is situated about 1 1/2 inches below the navel and is brought into exercise with the bow and arrow exercise. A man is said to be strong when this is in sufficient quantity.