When the seven apertures of the heart are all open, the Chinese assert the highest intelligence. With a moderate amount of wisdom, only five openings are pervious; and, in the case of the intensely stupid, all the openings are blocked up, and no air passes through. The heart is the son of the liver and mother of the spleen (in their view).

In the beginning of the Fourth and Fifth months, early in the morning, facing the south, sitting straight, bump the teeth 9 times, gargle the saliva in the mouth 3 times, silently think, draw the south air into the mouth and swallow 3 times, hold the breath, and take 30 inspirations after each such holding, and so fill up and replace the vicious air.

7. - Fourth Month, Solar Term named "Beginning of Summer." - Breath closed and eyes shut, turn and change the hands, and press them on the knees each 5x7 times, etc. To cure wind and dampness collected in the ching-lo or net-work of small blood-vessels, arms and axillae swollen and painful, palms of the hands hot. This illustration (see Figure below) corresponds with Amiot's No. 16, which is said to be against the continual heat of the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

Kung fu for the Four Seasons 248

8. - The Middle of the Fourth Month, termed "Small Full." - One hand is raised as if upholding something, one hand pressed down, right and left each 3x5 times, etc. To cure obstructions in the liver and lungs of the usual character (i.e., - the vitiated air and poison which has become stagnant and refuses to disperse), fulness of the thorax and ribs, pain and palpitation of the heart, flushing of the face, eyes yellow, heart sad, painful and afraid, palms of the hands hot. This (see Figure, below) corresponds with Amiot's No. 17, which is against embarrassment of the lungs and suffocation.

Kung fu for the Four Seasons 249

Before engaging in the kung-fu of the Fifth Month, there is as usual the preliminary exercise of placing the palms of the two hands together, and as it were pushing forward the fore-arm and wrists 7 times, to purify the heart of wind and trouble, and to disperse the obstructing air.

On the 5th day of the Fifth month, take a little of the earth of the grave, a piece of brick and a stone, go home and place them in a little bottle and bury it outside the door below the door-step; the whole family will thus be protected against disease of the period. Also take vermilion and write a charm, and apply it to the front of the heart. This will cure all sorts of diseases, and prevent disease from entering the body. To be applied for the united three months.

9. - For the Solar Term of the Fifth Mouth, named "Sprouting Seeds." - [Although the figure is standing, the instruction is sitting. The sitting character [tso] seems, however, to indicate the passing a season in such exercises, just as hsing-kungKung fu for the Four Seasons 250 refers to the carrying out of the same; an expression which occurs almost invariably in the body of the instructions, while the other forms the title or introduction]. The body is thrown back, both hands raised aloft as if supporting a thing, and great force is to be used with both right and left in raising up (the supposed weight) 5x7 times. Fix the breath, the remainder as usual. To cure weakness of the loins and kidneys, dryness in swallowing, heart and ribs painful, eyes yellow, thirst, body hot and thighs painful, head and neck painful, face red, cough and expectoration upwards, leakage downwards (diarrhoea of the lower air may mean passage of wind, emission of semen, or diarrhoea), grief, fear (see Figure, below). It corresponds with Amiot's No. 5, which is against pains of the heart, leanness of exhaustion, and thirst accompanied with heat of the body.

Kung fu for the Four Seasons 252

10. - The Middle of the Fifth Month, termed " Summer Solstice." - Kneel, stretch the hands, interlock the ringers and bend them over the foot, change the feet right and left each 5x7 times, etc. To cure the obstructed wind and damp not dispersed (rheumatism), painful knees, ankles, and arms, palms hot and painful, kidneys, loins and spine painful, heaviness of the body, all sorts of pain. (See Figure). Corresponds with Amiot's No. 11, which is directed against pains of the knees, embarrassments of the kidneys, and the swelling of weakness.

Kung fu for the Four Seasons 253

11. - For the Solar Term of the Sixth Month, named "Slight Heat." - Press the two hands to the ground, bend one foot under the body, stretch out the other with force 3x5 times, etc. To cure rheumatism (wind and dampness) of the legs, knees, thighs, and loins, fulness of the lungs with excessive flow of phlegm, asthma, cough, pain in the middle of the sternum, violent sneezing, abdominal distension and pain to the right of the navel, the hands contracted (bent crooked), body heavy, hemiplegia, loss of memory, whooping cough, prolapsus ani, weakness of wrist, joy and anger inconstant. (See Figure). Corresponds with Amiot's No. 12, against paralysis of certain members, short and precipitate respiration, pains of the lower belly with tension.

Kung fu for the Four Seasons 254

12. - For the Middle of the Sixth Month, termed "Great Heat." - Sit all in a heap on the gound, twist the head toward the shoulders, and look like a tiger to the right and left each 3x5 times, etc. To cure rheumatism of the head, neck, chest, and back, cough and asthma, thirst, dulness (taking pleasure in nothing), fulness of chest, pain of the arm, palms of the hands hot, pain above the navel or the shoulder and back, cold and hot perspiration, frequent micturition, diarrhoea, skin anaesthetic, inclination to grief and crying. (See Figure).

Kung fu for the Four Seasons 255