The kidneys form the illustration at the beginning of the last three months of the year, which is as follows: - The name of its spirit is "The Water Spirit," and its designation "Nourishing Infants." Its form is that of a yellow deer with two heads. It stores up the will. It resembles'a round stone, is of two colours like white silk reflected on purple. It is placed opposite the navel, and lies in close contact with the lumbar spine. The left kidney is the real one, and mates with the five viscera. The right kidney is called the Ming Men Kung fu for the Four Seasons 264 or "Gate of Life," and in the male secretes the semen, in the female the fœtal membrane. The pulse of the kidney issues from the middle of the soles of the feet. (See illustration).

Kung fu for the Four Seasons 265

19. - The Solar Term of the Tenth Month, called "Beginning of Winter." - Seated upright, one hand on the knee, one hand grasping the elbow, change right and left and support the right and left 3x5 times, etc. To cure the hsu-lao (empty toil, consumption) and vicious poison in the chest and ribs, fulness of the thorax, loins painful, neither able to bend nor straighten [the body], deficiency of saliva, face dusky, nausea and hiccough, indigested faecal motions, head-ache, deafness, jaws swollen, eyes red swollen and painful, sense of fulness and depression in abdomen and ribs and the four extremities, vertigo, pupils painful. (See Figure).

Kung fu for the Four Seasons 266

20. - For the Middle of the Tenth Month, termed "Slight Snow." - One hand placed on the knee, the other grasping the elbow, right and left using force 3x5 times, etc. To cure wind, damp, and warm poison of the wrist and elbow, a wife's enlargement of the small abdomen and a husband's hernia, fox (?) hernia (all sorts of hernia), incontinence of urine, swelling of the joints, contraction of tendons, small membrum virile, five sorts of gonorrhoea (wind, fire, cold, poison, damp), diarrhoea, fear, fulness of the chest, asthma of the lower ribs. (See Figure).

Kung fu for the Four Seasons 267

21. - For the Solar Term of the Eleventh Month, named "Great Snow." - Standing straight, the knees extended,both hands to the right and left as if supporting the two feet, right and left stamping, each 5x7 times, etc. To cure wind and dampness of the feet and knees, heat of the mouth, dryness of the tongue, swelling of the throat, jaundice, hungry, and cannot eat, cough, haemoptysis, asthma, vision indistinct, fear (as if about to be seized). - See Figure.

Kung fu for the Four Seasons 268

22. - For the Middle of the Eleventh Month, called "Winter Solstice." - Sitting evenly extend both feet, clench the two hands, press both knees, and with extreme force perform this with the right and left 3x5 times, etc. To cure cold and damp of the hands, feet, minute blood vessels, spine, and thighs, insensibility of feet, inclination to recumbent position, soles of feet hot, navel painful, pain of the lower ribs between the shoulders and the middle of the thighs, fulness of the thorax, large and small abdomen painful, difficult micturition, distension of abdomen, neck swollen, cough, loins cold like water and swollen, air below the navel not harmonious, little belly (below navel) very painful, diarrhoea, feet swollen, chilblains, dysentery, heart desiring. (See Figure).

Kung fu for the Four Seasons 269

23. - For the Solar Term of the Twelvth Month, named "Slight Cold" - Sitting upright, one hand pressing the foot, the other raised aloft as if supporting something, turn the head and change alternately [the hands], use great force 3x5 times, etc. To cure the air stored up in the arteries and veins, retching and vomiting, stomach painful, abdomen distended, ague, fulness of thorax, failing appetite, sighing, great heaviness of body, grief, below the heart painful, diarrhœa, suppression of urine, jaundice, the five diarrhoeas of five colours, large and small "convenience'

Kung fu for the Four Seasons 270

impervious, face yellow, mouth dry, indolent, desire to lie down, angina pectoris, hungry, liking savoury things, want of appetite. (See Figure).

24. - For the Middle of the Twelvth Month, termed " Great Cold." - Both hands thrown behind, sitting kneeling with one foot extended straight out, with one foot use force right and left alternately each 3x5 times, etc. To cure the storage of all sorts of influences in the small net-work of blood-vessels, the root of the tongue hard, painful and unable to be moved, inability to move the body or to lie down, unable to stand great expenditure of strength, thighs and ham space swollen, the pelvis, thighs, legs, feet and back painful, distension of abdomen, rumbling in the intestines, food indigested causing diarrhoea, feet unable to be pulled together in order to walk, the nine openings impervious. (See Figure).

Kung fu for the Four Seasons 271

Medicinal KungKung fu for the Four Seasons 272

No. 1. - The Honourable and Real Form of the Great Pure Ancestral Teacher. - To cure pain in the abdomen and suddenly alternating cold and hot.

Sit upright, with both hands embrace below the navel, wait till the tan-t'ien is warmed, perform the kung, revolving the air in 49 mouthfuls.*

In one work this Figure is termed "Twisting (or Pressing) and Holding the Tan-t'ien." - For the cure of abdominal pain and nourishing the strength of the male principle.