Prescription. - Tang-kwei The Bright Eye Flowing Air Potion 311 Ligusticum acutilobum, pai-shaoPćonia albiflora, sheng-tiRehmannia glutinosa, lung-tan-ts'ao Gentiana scabra, ch'ai-hu Bupleurum falcatum, hwang-lien rhizome of Coptis teeta, chih-tse Gardenia florida, tan-p'i root bark of Pćonia montan; - of each 1 mace.

Take of rhubarb boiled in wine, dried and again boiled and dried 3x7 times, 2 mace; and make a decoction and drink.

No. 9 - Ch'ieu Ch'ang-ch'un'sThe Bright Eye Flowing Air Potion 319 Method of Turning the Windlass; otherwise called the Genii turning the Windlass (the Shoulder). - To cure severe pain of the back and arm.

Sit high (as on a chair), extend the right and left feet inclined, with the two hands press the knees, moving the air round in 12 mouthfuls. Do it daily 3x5 times.