Prescription. - Take of kau-pen The Moving Air Soup 320 Nothosmyrnium japonicum, fang-feng Peucedanum terebinthaceum (?), root of an umbellifera, chw'an-hiung, of each 1 mace; ch'iang--hwo Peucedanum decursivum, tu-hwo

Angelica inęqualis, of each 2 mace; man-ching-tseThe Moving Air Soup 324 a kind of turnip with a white tuber below ground, 6 candareens; liquorice 5 candareens. Boil in water, and drink.

The Figure is omitted.

No. 10. - Ma Tan-yang'sThe Moving Air Soup 325 Method of using the strength of Fire for the whole Body. - To cure the primordial air in a debilitated condition.

Sit firmly cross-legged, first rub the two hands warm, then rub the eyes; afterwards use them to sustain below the ribs on the two sides. When the air advances, rouse it togo upwards, and move the air round in 12 mouthfuls.

The Ginseng Astragalus Soup. Prescription. - Take of ginseng, hwang-ch'iThe Moving Air Soup 326 Astragalus, pai-shutang-kwei, of each 2 mace; orange peel, fu-ling, liquorice, of each 1 mace. Add ginger and jujubes, and boil in water.

The Figure is omitted.

No. 11. - Chang Tze-yung The Moving Air Soup 328 driving the Pestle. - To cure indigestion, distension and rumbling of the abdomen, with pain each time.

The Moving Air Soup 329

Stand firmly, with the two hands support heaven, stamp the earth, and circulate the air 9 times.

This Figure corresponds with Amiot's No. 20, against intestinal movements and disquiet in the whole body.