Prescription. - Take of ch'iang-hwo, ts'ang-shu, chw'an-hiung, tang-kwei, hsiang-fu, pai-shao, orange peel, pan-hsia, mu-hsiang, chih-ch'ioh, mu-t'ung, liquorice, betel-nut, tze-su, of each the same quantity. Make a decoction.

No. 36. - Fu Yuen-hsu The Flowing Air Potion 449 embracing the Vertex, - To cure vertigo.

The Flowing Air Potion 450

Sit upright, rub the two hands warm and embrace the vertex door (anterior fantanelle), shut the eyes to prevent the animal spirits from being dissipated, blow, hem, and drum the air to cause it to ascend to the top of the vertex; revolve the air 17 times.