Prescription. - Take of ti-kuh-p'i, wu-chia-p'iThe Niu hsi Wine 444

Eleutherocrocus, i-i-jen The Niu hsi Wine 445 seeds of Coix lachryma (roasted), chw'an-hiung, niu-hsi, of each 2 ounces; liquorice, sheng-ti,

3 ounces; hai-t'ung-p'i The Niu hsi Wine 446 1 1/2 ounces; ch'iang-hwo

1 ounce; tu-chung (roasted), 2 ounces. Use good wine without lees, to be well digested. Dose 1 or 2 cupfuls, 3 or 4 times daily, to be drunk before the flavour of the wine has passed off.

No. 35. - Kau Hsiang-sien'sThe Niu hsi Wine 447 imitation of the Phoenix* spreading its Wings. - To cure diseases the same as the preceding one.

The Niu hsi Wine 448

* A fabulous bird. The male is termed feng, and the female hwang; combined form the generic designation of this wondrous bird, a compound between the peacock and the pheasant, with the addition of many gorgeous colours. ( See illustration in the Year's Kung-fu ).

Bend and contract the body a little, raise the hand higher than the vertex, let the mouth and nose slowly emit the pure air (!) in 3 or 4 mouthfuls, let the left foot be directed to the front, let the toes of the right foot be opposed to the left heel, and revolve the air 10 times.