Prescription. - Take of tang-kwei, ch'ih-shaoThe Gold producing Tiger bones Powder 360 Paeonia albiflora (the cultivated variety which bears red flowers), ch'wen-hsu-twan Dipsacus asper or Lamium album from Szechuan, pai-shu, kau-pen, tigers' bones, - of each 1 ounce; wu-shao-she-jou 5 mace. Powder, dose 2 mace, to be swallowed with tepid wine.

No. 17. - Hsueh Tao-kwangThe Gold producing Tiger bones Powder 363 rubbing his Heel. - For nourishing the original essence.

Sit straight, with the hands rub until warm the sole of the left foot, move the air in 24 mouthfuls, afterwards rub warm the sole of the right foot, the rest the same as the left.

* A celebrated Tauist philosopher and alchemist of the Han dynasty, who is known to have devoted himself to the preparation of the elixir of immortality, and who is the author of a professed commentary on the Yih-king, or Book of Changes.

The Figure resembles No. 8 of the Ornamental Sections, and is therefore omitted.