Prescription. - Take of wu - ling-chihThe Pain removing Powder 356 magpie's dung, p'u-hwangroasted, Typha sp., tang-kwei, of each 1 ounce;jou-kwei,Cinnamomum cassia, mu-hsiang,shih-ch'ang-p'u Acorus gramineus, of each 8 mace. Powder, boil, dose 4 mace, to be boiled with a little salt and vinegar.

This corresponds with Amiot's No. 13, which is against the ills of the heart, with fulness, grief and languor.

No. 16. - Wei Po-yang'sThe Pain removing Powder 359 * Method of beating the Wind. - To cure chronic paralysis.

Sit upright, place the right fist against the right ribs, with the left hand press the knee, extend and withdraw the feet, think, move the air to the diseased part right and left each in 6 mouthfuls.