Prescription. - Take of ma-hwangThe Harmonizing Air Powder 296 Ephedra vulgaris;

orange peel; wu-yaoThe Harmonizing Air Powder 297 Daphnidium myrrha; pai-chiang-ts'an chw'an-hiung, pai-chih, of each 1 mace; liquorice, chieh-keng Platycordon grandiflorum, dried ginger, of each 5 candareens; chih-ch'ioh 1 mace. To be taken in boiled water, in which 3 slices of ginger have been digested.

"The Immortal with the Iron Staff" is included by Tauist writers in the category of the Eight Immortals. His surname was Li. He is largely represented in Chinese legendary lore. No precise period is assigned to his existence upon earth. His disembodied spirit entered the body of a lame and crooked beggar, and in this shape the philosopher continued his existence, supporting his halting footsteps with an iron staff. Hence his name, T'ieh Kwai.

No. 5. - The Maiden Immortal HoThe Harmonizing Air Powder 300 slowly ascending to Heaven. - To cure gravel twisting the intestines and abdominal pain.

In one work, the Figure - a male - is termed "The Eighty-one (9 x 9) Ways of ascending to Heaven."

The Harmonizing Air Powder 301

Sit inclined, the two hands embracing the knees on a level with the navel, tread up and down with the right and left feet 9 times, move the air round with 24 mouthfuls.

This Maiden is one of the Eight Genii. When born, six hairs were seen growing on the crown of her head. At fourteen she dreamed that a spirit gave her instruction in the art of procuring immortality, in the obtaining of which she was to eat powdered mother-o'-pearl. She vowed herself to a life of virginity, wandered in the mountains, lived on herbs, and ultimately disappeared from mortal view. She has since, it is said, been twice seen.