Prescription. - Use very much salted water to cause vomiting and the affection is cured.

This corresponds with Amiot's No. 19, which is there said to be against calculus and nephritic colic.

No. 6. - Pai Yu-ch'anThe Salt Soup Water Method for bringing on Vomitin 302 seizing his Food like the Tiger. - To cure twisting intestinal gravel.

This Figure is elsewhere termed - The Hungry Tiger seizing his Food.

The Salt Soup Water Method for bringing on Vomitin 303

The abdomen to the ground, the hands and feet with force to be turned upwards, move the air in 12 mouthfuls, and move the hands and feet right and left 3x5 times. Then sit up erect firmly, make the air advance by this hung in some 14 mouthfuls. (See Figure 6).

This corresponds with Amiot's No. 15, which is against gravel and sand in the kidneys; and he adds - "People speak well of its effects and cures."

Prescription. - Take red earth and alum, of each 5 mace; powder, use one bowl of cold water, mix, allow it to settle, and then drink.

No. 7. - Han Chung-li'sThe Salt Soup Water Method for bringing on Vomitin 304 Method of sounding the " Heavenly Drum." - To cure vertigo.

Sometimes called - The Vertigo-curing Tiger, or the Peach Blossom Tiger.

A similar exercise is given under the heading - The Hands beating the Wind Residence (acupuncture aperture below the occipital protuberance) causing Thunder. - For the cure of head-ache from inflammation of the membranes or from wind.

Bite the teeth, sit straight, shut the breath, use both hands and cover the ears, beat the "Heavenly Drum" 36 times, again tap the teeth 16 times.