Prescription. - Take of chih-so ( same as so-sha-mi ), Amomum villosum, pan-hsia, orange peel, chih-shih, sha-jen, hsiang-fu, mu-hsiang, hou-p'o, hwei-hsiang, hsuan-hu, ts'ao-tou-k'ou The Soup of the Two Oranges 476 tze-su (stem and leaves ), of each the same quantity. Add ginger 3 slices, and make a decoction.

No. 47. - Tung Fang-shuo'sThe Soup of the Two Oranges 477 * Method of grasping his Big Toes. - To cure hernia.

The Soup of the Two Oranges 478

* Tung Fang-shuo, 2nd century B. C. It is related that he was the child of a miraculous conception, and his mother removed to a place further to the eastward from her home to give birth to her child; and hence his name. According to common repute, he was the embodiment of the planet Venus.

With the two hands grasp the big toes of the two feet, bend the toes for a period equal to 5 respirations, lead the air in the abdomen throughout the entire body.

Another method is bending all the ten toes in this manner, which is better.