Prescription. - Take of pai-shao, tang-kwei, of each 1 mace; rhubarb 2 mace, mu-hsiang 5 candareens, hwang-lien 1 mace; hwang-ch'in, betel-nut, of each 8 candareens; liquorice 7 candareens. For one dose. A decoction.

No. 46. - Ch'ang Yao-yang The Pai Shao Yao Soup 473 imitating the Child worshipping the Goddess of Mercy. - To cure pain in front and back of heart.

The Pai Shao Yao Soup 474

The body to assume the Chinese figure 8The Pai Shao Yao Soup 475 bend the head as far as the front of the chest, place the two hands on the abdomen, and revolve the air 19 times.