Prescription. - Take of yellow wax 1 ounce; almonds 49, digested in water to strip off the skin and the point (the latter supposed to be poisonous); mu-hsiang, 5 mace; 7 croton seeds, Croton Tiglium (fold them in paper and beat to express the oil); melt the wax, and mix in the ingredients to make pills the size of green peas. Dose 15 for red dysentery, to be taken with liquorice soup; for the white variety, use ginger as a menstruum.

No. 45. - Miss Sun Pu - erh The Yellow Wax Pills 471 waving the Flag. - To cure the same as the preceding.

The Yellow Wax Pills 472

Direct the body to the front, the two hands to be extended straight in front like taking hold of a thing; raise the right foot, so as to have the heel off the ground; then flex and extend the feet; revolve the air in 24 mouthfuls; right and left the same.