Prescription. - Take of fu-ling-p'i, ta-fu-p'i, wu-chia-p'i, ginger-skin, ts'ang-pai-p'i, root bark of mulberry, chih-ch'ioh, sha-jen, pai-chu, lo-fo-tse, mu-hsiang, mu-t'ung, tse-hsi'eh, chu-ling, of each the same quantity. Boil, to be taken a little while after meals.

No. 44. - Liu Hsi-ku The Fragrant Sha Ling and P i Potion 469 exhibiting terribly the Ferocious Tiger. - To cure dysentery.

The Fragrant Sha Ling and P i Potion 470

Place the two hands in front and behind (one in front, the other behind), like grasping a horse and putting aside flowers, the feet also to be placed in front and behind, and take steps in performing the exercise. For white dysentery, let the air advance directed to the left in 9 mouthfuls; for red dysentery, the same to the right.