Prescription. - Take of orange peel, pan-hsia, fu-ling, wu-yao, chih-ch'ioh, chw'an-hiung, pai-chih, ch'iang-hwo, fang-feng, hsiang-fu, of each the same quantity, and make a decoction.

No. 43. - Ho T'ai-ku supporting Heaven, seated. - To cure swelling of the abdomen from debility.

The Trinity or Three Harmonies Soup 468

Seated upright the two hands are raised as if supporting a thing, move the air, and by upheaval lead the air upwards in 9 mouthfuls, then make it descend in 9 mouthfuls.

The above is sometimes called - Supporting the Pagoda towards Heaven. - For the cure of enlargement of the abdomen. (Compare this with standing Figure No. 11 of Chang Tze-yang driving the Pestle).