Simple Cysts Of The Ovary occur which are in many respects comparable with the simple cysts which.are so frequent in the kidney, and like them have no very special significance (see Kidney). They are produced by Dropsy of the Graafian vesicles, as was proved by the discovery by Rokitansky of an ovum in such a cyst. Simple cysts may be of congenital origin, having been observed in new-born children.

As a general rule there are several cysts simultaneously developed, usually from ten to twenty, but one or a few may attain a preponderating size. The cysts have a distinct smooth lining membrane, with a single layer of epithelium. The contents are mostly clear serum, but they may be dark from haemorrhage, or turbid from inflammation. The enlargement of the ovary is not generally great in this form of cystic disease; it rarely reaches the size of the fist, and still more rarely that of the head. If there are several cysts, they take shape by mutual pressure.