This form of tumour is Very rare. It originates mostly in the substance of the uterus, and may form an extensive infiltration or a limited tumour. The commonest form is the spindle-celled sarcoma, but the round-celled form also occurs. Sometimes, but very rarely, a myoma assumes the characters of a sarcoma, becoming soft and loose in its structure, and its cells more detached from each other. We thus have a Myosarcoma.

Parasites are rare in the uterus and vagina. Thread worms mav pass over from the rectum. Bacteria are met with in the vaginal secretion, the leptothrix being frequent. In gonorrhoea the gono-coccus is present. The oidium albicans is found in connection with thrush. The cysticercus cellulosae has been doubtfully seen in the uterus, and the echinococcus with exceeding rarity.


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