Sarcoma is a rare tumour in the ovary. Spindle-celled sarcoma is the more usual form, but round-celled sarcomas also occur. These tumours may also assume very large proportions, reaching the size of the head sometimes, and they are not infrequently bilateral. Cysts are frequently present in the midst of them, and these may be simple * serous cysts or they may have colloid contents. These latter may arise from glandular structures, and the disease may form a combination of the colloid cystoma and the sarcoma, or they may originate in a softening of the sarcomatous tissue.

Myoma of the ovary forms a hard fibrous-looking tumour.

Fibroma is not an infrequent tumour. It may grow to very large dimensions, and by softening contain an irregular cystic cavity. The Chondroma is a much more unusual form.

Tumours of the Fallopian tubes are excessively rare, but a few cases of papilloma and of cancer have been recorded.

Tube-ovarian cyst is a name given to a condition occasionally met with in which the end of the Fallopian tube is adherent to and communicates with an ovarian cyst. The tube is itself dilated in some cases, and in some the ovarian cyst discharges into the tube.

The origin of this condition is not always clear. In some cases it is evident that a salpingitis and perimetritis have caused adhesion of the tube to the ovary and occlusion of its orifice, with resulting dilatation. A chronic inflammation of the ovary coinciding may lead to cystic formation in it, by dilatation of the Graafian follicles, and coalescence may result. A colloid cystoma may coincide, but this is a rare circumstance. According to some authors a congenital adhesion of the tubes to the ovaries leads to the tubo-ovarian cyst in some cases.


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