1. Fibroma, including molluscum fibrosum or neuro-tibroina and hard fibroma; 2. Lipoma, diffuse or encapsuled, pendulous; 3. Myxoma, characters of mucous tissue; hydatid mole: proper tumour, varieties of; 4. Chondroma, as ecchon-drosis or enchondroma, the latter usually in connection with bone; 5. Osteoma, chiefly as exostosis, Odontoma; 6. Myoma, the rhabdomyoma rare, the leiomyoma common, structure and relations of latter, Wood's painful subcutaneous tumour; 7. Neuroma, the true neuroma; 8. Angioma, capillary, cavernous, lymphatic; 9. Glioma; 10. Psammoma; 11. Lymphoma; 12. Papilloma; 13. Adenoma, of varying structure according to gland; 14. Cystoma, cysts arising from pre-existing cavities, including retention cysts; and cysts of independent origin, including dermoid cysts, adenoid cystoma, extravasation cysts, etc.; 15. Teratoma.