Children are very apt to become chafed in the wrinkles of the neck, behind the ears, and in the groins. This sometimes arises from want of proper cleanliness; but frequently from an excessive tenderness of the skin, or from a heated state of the body.

A little of the Calamine Powder, or Hair Powder, or a little finely powdered Starch may be dusted over the parts two or three times a day; and a little Magnesia, or a little of the Carminative may be taken internally.

In some children of a gross habit of body, and particularly about the time of teething, a species of excoriation extending low down in the neck is apt to take place, which at length-if neglected-degenerates into large deep sores, and occasionally has terminated in gangrene. These sores require to be dressed with the Calamine Cerate, spread on lint; and the child may take the Carminative with a few grains of powdered Rhubarb mixed with it, two or three times a day.