In some cases this affection is owing to an original defect in the organs of generation; but it more usually arises either from local weakness, brought on by excess in venery, or from great debility in the system, produced by severe evacuations, preceding-diseases, such as a badly managed Gonorrhoea or neglected Gleet, or by a want of nutritive food. In a few instances it may be occasioned probably by a want of sufficient confidence, or a degree of fear at the time of coition.

Where the disease proceeds from an original defect in the organs of generation, it will not be possible to effect a cure. When it depends upon some disease of the parts, this must be removed by the proper treatment recommended under each particular head. If it is caused by general weakness, the system is to be strengthened by a generous, nutritive diet; by cold bathing; pure air and gentle exercise; and by tonics. The patient may take one of the bitter tonics prescribed in this work, or the Citrate of Iron and Quinine. To which may be added (to each dose) ten or fifteen drops of the Tincture of Spanish Fly. But if, at any time during the use of this medicine, the patient should feel a pain or uneasiness in making water, he must either leave off the Tincture for a time, or diminish the dose.