This complaint consists in the turning inside out of the womb, so that the top of it comes through the mouth; consequently that part which was formerly the inside of a cavity now becomes the outside of a tumour, either in or projecting from the vagina. It most commonly is the consequence of mismanagement on the part of the midwife, who, being in too great a hurry to extract the afterbirth, drags at the cord, with such violence, as to turn the womb inside out.

When early discovered it should at once be replaced in its proper position,or after a time it may be difficult. I recollect a poor woman, whose womb had thus been inverted, and allowed to remain in that position; hanging down,a tumour three or four times its natural size, between her thighs, excoriated from the dribbling of the urine; and in this miserable state she had been for years.

If the afterbirth should be adhering to the womb, the latter should be returned to its proper position before any attempt is made to remove the afterbirth, or serious bleeding might be the consequence.