This may arise from various causes: indigestion, wind in the stomach, too much acidity in the stomach, loss of tone, fermentation of the food, and improper food. Sometimes the gastric juice itself becomes so acid as to give pain to the upper orifice of the stomach. Of course, in the treatment, the main point is to get rid of the cause. The food should be of an easily digestible kind, and should be well chewed, and the patient should take some tonic. The Tonic Mixture No. 11, with two ounces of Aromatic Spirit of Ammonia added to it, will answer. Pickles, vinegar, sour fruits, and much sugar should be avoided. When the pain is severe, a dose of Opium or Laudanum will often relieve it; or when the stomach is full of wind, a spoonful of Magnesia in Peppermint water will often give relief. Occasionally, when there is pain in the stomach from wind, which will neither move up or down in spite of Opium, Magnesia, Peppermint, or anything else of the kind, one or two small Effervescing Powders, with a little spirit added, will bring up the wind, and give relief in a few minutes,