In the treatment of poisoned wounds, the first thing is to endeavour to draw the poison out of the wound, after tying a bandage tightly round the limb, (that is, of course, if the wound is in any situation where a bandage can be applied), as near the wound as possible, and between that and the heart. Then the wound should be throughly sucked, taking care that the person who performs that operation has no cracks on his lips or sores about his mouth.

Or the bitten part may be cut out as freely as may be necessary, and then suck the wound, and bathe it thoroughly with warm water to encourage bleeding.

The best plan, however, is that recommended by Sir David Barry. He directs, first, that an exhausted cupping glass shall be applied over the wound for a few minutes; next the glass is to be taken off and the wound freely lanced; and, lastly, the glass is to be applied again in order to promote the flow of blood, and with it to get rid of any of the poison which may have found its way into the neighbouring blood-vessels.

The constitutional symptoms are to be treated by Aromatic Spirit of Ammonia, hot brandy and water; and, if there is much vomiting, doses of solid Opium, one or two grains for a dose.

If the local symptoms are very slight, leeches, followed by fomentations, and afterwards by stimulating embrocations, (No. 25 or 27,) may be sufficient. But if the swelling is rapid and extensive, or the constitution is much affected by the poison, free and extensive incisions into the swelled parts are indispensable.