Stimulating Applications

Liniment of Ammonia (Hartshorn and Oil), To be rubbed on the skin.

Liniment of Camphor,



Liniment of Iodine,



Liniment of Iodide of Potash and Soap,



Liniment of Turpentine,



Yellow Wash, 30 grains of Corrosive Sublimate mixed with a pint of Lime "Water, for washing unhealthy ulcers.


Applications that make the skin red, without raising a blister.

Acetic Acid.

Blistering Liquid.

Compound Camphor Liniment.

Liniment of Croton Oil.


Solution of Ammonia.

Tartar Emetic Ointment.

Tincture of Spanish Flies.


Chloride of Zinc, Butter of Zinc. Nitrate of Silver, Lunar Caustic. Nitric Acid. Powdered Loaf Sugar. Potassa Fusa, Caustic Potash. Bed Precipitate. Bed Precipitate Ointment. Sulphate of Copper.

Anodyne And Soothing Applications

Anodyne Liniment.

Camphorated Soap Liniment (Opodeldoc.)

Liniment of Aconite. Liniment of Chloroform. Liniment of Opium.

Cooling And Healing Applications

Black Wash. (Calomel, 1 dram; Lime Water, half a pint.)

Goulard Water. (2 drams each of Goulard's Extract and Alcohol; Rain Water, one pint.)

Lime Liniment. (Lime Water and Olive or Linseed Oil, of each equal parts.)

Lotion of Sulphate of Zinc. (White Vitriol, 1 to 3 grains to an ounce of Rain Water.)


To destroy infections and bad smells in Fevers, Small Pox, etc.

Carbolic Acid. (As an outward application 1 part to 30 or 40 of water).

Permanganate of Potash. The best preparation to use is "Con-dy's Fluid."

Sulphate of Iron (Green Vitriol.) Half an ounce may be dissolved in a pint of water.

Solution of Chloride of Lime. (A pound of the Chloride may be mixed in a pail of water.)

Solution of Chloride of Zinc. (A pint may be mixed in four gallons of water.)

Cooling And Healing Ointments

Carbonate of Lead Ointment. Goulard Ointment. Oxide of Zinc Ointment. Spermaceti Ointment. Turner's Cerate.

Stimulating And Drawing Ointments

Creosote Ointment.

Elemi Ointment.

Resin Cerate. (Yellow Basilicon.)

Savine Cerate.

Tar Ointment.

Alterative Ointments

Calomel Ointment.

Citrine Ointment.

Compound Sulphur Ointment.

Iodide of Lead Ointment.

Iodide of Potash Ointment.

Iodide of Sulphur Ointment.

Mercurial Ointment.

Red Iodide of Mercury Ointment.

Tar Ointment.

White Precipitate Ointment.

Anodyne Ointments

Belladonna Ointment. Bromide of Potash Ointment.


Articles that promote a flow of Saliva, and thus relieve Toothache.

Pellitory Root. To be chewed till the toothache moderates.

Tincture of Pellitory. A few drops to be put on a piece of cotton, and placed near the tooth.