These consist of sea-shells, coral, cuttle-fish-bone, burnt hartshorn, egg - shells, crabs-eyes and claws, chalk, the calx of all stones, boles and sealed earths; as also filings of iron, all fixt salts, and Magnesia alba. They blunt and destroy acids, though never so corrosive, and change them into a different substance. The fixt or alkaline salts being united to acids, become neutral salts, and acquire other properties; for they then will incide thick, viscid, tenacious humours, and by a gentle stimulus either move the belly, or promote urine, or excite insensible per-spiration. It may likewise be observed, that iron, coral, or bole leave an astringency behind them.

Absorbents are not good, when there is a great plenty of thick soul matter in the stomach, as is often the cafe of burning, bilious, or hectic fevers. But they are very proper to prepare the body for evacuations, when acidities abound in the stomach. If the intention is to absorb, astringe, and strengthen at the same time, then coral, oister and egg-shells are proper : if to restrain a seminal flux, cuttle bone; if to loosen the belly, Magnesia alba; if to provoke urine, crabs-eyes; if to promote perforation, burnt hartshorn; lastly, if to dissblve coagulated blood, crabs-eyes dissolved in vinegar.