Among all the errors of diet, there is none more destruclive to a human body than acids; and all aliments abounding with acid juices lessen the excretions, thicken the blood and lymphatic fluids, cause coagulations, dispose the viscera to obstructions or infarctions, stop the usual evacuations of blood, and consequently generate long and grievous disorders. When acids are taken immoderately, they hinder the generation of chyle, and consequently deprave the blood, and deprive all the parts of their due nourishment. Hence a little vinegar, given to puppies for two or three months, will stunt their growth.

Acids are exceeding hurtful to a weak stomach, whose contents readily turn sour, and being retained there become still worse; for mixing with the bilious juices, they assume a corrosive and virulent nature, and by corroding the nervous parts of the stomach and interlines, they will draw the whole nervous system into consent, and produce the most grievous symptoms. Acid crudities in the first passages, by corrupting milk, sweet and fat things will turn them into a kind of a poison, which will occasion heartburns, violent pains in the stomach, inflations of the stomach and intestines, head-ach, and obstructions of the belly, pain in the bowels, a continual desire of going to stool, and pale excrements; as also such belchings as are attended with a cough and vomiting. Hence it appears why hypochondriac, hysteric, and feverish patients are never the better for taking aliments.

Acids often occasion grievous and tedious illnesses, such as polypous concretions in the blood vessels, the stone, pains of the joints, the hypochondriac diseases, and the gout. They are very pernicious to women with child, that give fuck, are in child-bed, or who have their menses deficient through age.

Acids are easily corrected by soap, oister-shells, crabs-eyes, fixed salts, and the like, which being joined with laxatives, balsamics, and strengtheners, many grievous di seases may be either cured, mitigated, or prevented. However, when persons are young, or of a hot constitu-tion, or use much exercise, or who live in a hot climate, or in hot weather, acids will preserve health, excite the appetite, and promote digestion.