There are various kind of poisons, but it is of very little consequence to be acquainted with their names or nature, because the cure is much the same in all, except a flow poison to be mentioned hereafter. As soon as a person is known to be poisoned, because in these parts it is generally done with somewhat of a corrosive nature, the best remedy is milk mixt with sallad oil, and taken in quantities large enough to cause vomiting; for they by their soft oleous contexure, blunt the acrimony of the poison, and defend the coats of the stomach against its effects: when the quantity of poison has been great, the patient has been sometimes obliged to take ten quarts of this mixture before it has been all brought up. When there is no oil at hand, milk alone may be given, and if the patient does not vomit, it should be promoted with some quick emetic, such as two or three grains of emetic tartar, or half a dram of salt of vitriol: when the stomach is emptied as much as possible, the patient should take half a dram of Venice treacle or a dram of the confection of kermes, with a glass or two of soft generous wine; as also decoction of China! root or sassafras tea.

There is likewise a slow poison given by the Indians in America, the effects of which are there generally known; the cure for it is three ounces of the juice of plantain, and as much of the roots of wild horehound fresh or dried; boil them in two quarts of water to one, and let the patient take one third of the decoction three mornings together: if he finds relief, it must be continued till he is perfectly recovered: they will either of them cure alone.