The matter of this is a thin sharp serum in great plenty, which gradually becomes thick, and sometimes changes its colour; it often excoriates the parts and at length flops up the nostrils, so as to hinder breathing. Oil of aniseed mixt with barley-flower, will cure the soreness of the parts; as also oil of sweet almonds in which camphire is dissolved, will do the same, if rubbed thereon; the matter that flops up the nose may be dissolved by oil of marjoram, made into snuff with the leaves of the same plant. When the head is heavy and dull, the top of it should be anointed with balsam of Peru; when the cafe is very bad, it will be proper to begin with bleeding in the arm, and then give laxatives to carry the humours downward: the diet should be sparing and temperate; motion and exercise are proper, and a cold moist air bad.