Sometimes this happens from too great a quantity of blood rushing into the head, which arises from a plethoric state of the body, or from the usual bleeding of the nose being suppressed; and then there is a pain in the whole head, which is hot, swells, achs and looks red, the vessels of it swell, and there is a strong pulse in the neck and temples. In this cafe, bleeding is necessary in the forehead or jugular veins; or leeches may be applied behind the ears; or you may bleed in the ankle first, and then in the veins about the head the next day : at the same time the body must be cleansed with manna, rhubarb and cream of tartar, or an ounce of Epsom salt.

When the head-ach proceeds from a copious vitiated serum or rheum stagnating in the membranes of the head, with a dull heavy continual pain, which will neither yield to bleeding or laxatives, then the thick humours mull: be dissolved by the following pills, and carried downwards: "Take of gum-am-"moniac a dram; myrrh, succotrine aloes, extract of black "hellebore, rosin of jalap, mercurius dulcis, prepared cinna-"bar, of each half a dram; extract of saffron, castor, and "salt of amber, of each fifteen grains; make twelve pills out "of every scruple, of which fix must be taken at night, and "fix in the morning;" they may be repeated every three days, and on the days they are taken, the patient must have nothing but thin broths: when there has been a sufficient evacuation, the patient should exercise till he is in a sweat, and use strength-eners, strong frictions, and such a diet as promotes Ur;ne. See diuretics.

If this fails, lay a blister of the size of a crown piece to the nape of the neck, with a few grains of camphire; this must be renewed from time to time, and kept running for a long while; when the disease is evident to the fight and touch, lay a blister all over the head.

When there is a violent pain fixed in one place, lay the adhesive plaster on the part with a small hole in the middle on which lay a mixture of volatile sal ammoniac and mustard feed. When the head-ach happens from a stoppage of the nose, hold a strong smelling bottle frequently thereto; or take an herb-snuff with flowers of benjamin and powder of cloves mixt therewith.

When the head-ach arises from a corrupt mass of blood, and an impure serum, as in the French disease and scurvy, drink a quart a day of the decoction of the woods, in which an ounce of powder of antimony has been boiled and tied up in a rag; I mean an ounce to every quart: this must be used after evacuations, with the pills above mentioned; a medicine to promote sweat will be likewise proper." Take native cinnabar, dia-"phoretic antimony, volatile salt of hartshorn, purified nitre, "of each ten grains; of camphire half a grain; mix and make "a powder for one dose;" this is to be taken at bed time, drinking a draught of the decoction of the woods after it.

When the head-ach affects all one fide of the head, the humours should be carried off by a vomit, with an ounce of ipecacuanha wine, and downward with an ounce of Epsom-salt; then give bitters to strengthen the stomach.

When the head-ach is so intolerable as to endanger the patient's life, first open the body with a clyster, then give an ounce of diacodium at night, or twenty drops of liquid laudanum, as also a scruple of cinnabar, laying the following liniment to the temples: "Take of expressed oil of nutmegs half "an ounce, of cane storax a dram, extract of saffron and bal-"sam of Peru of each half a dram, of oil of rhodium twelve "drops, make a liniment." When the pain is mitigated with the above prescriptions, give a gentle purge; when there is a violent pain in the inside of the nose, cause the nose to bleed with something thrust up the nostrils. When there is a sharp humour lodged under the covering of the skull, make an incision as in a whitlow: some affirm Marum Syriacum will certainly cure an obstinate head-ach; the dose is half a dram.