This is a painful inflammation at the extremity of the finger tending to suppuration; when it is flight, it only affects the fatty membrane round the nail: another kind is attended with an inflammation of the periosteum, and is much more painful than the former. It is often accompanied with a fever, and other bad symptoms. The worst kind is seated in the tendons inserted into the bones of the last joints of the fingers; in which case the pain will be very violent and cause an intense fever, restlessness, convulsions and a delirium.

In all kinds of this disease, it will not be prudent to wait for a suppuration, but to lay the part open by incision, and so discharge the confined matter; in the first cafe, it may be made in length on each side the nail; and when the periosteum is inflamed through the nail to the bone; but in the last and worst kind the incision must be made on each side the finger with a lancet, so as to divide the ligamentary sheaths which confine the tendons close to the bones, without injuring the tendons themselves. This operation must be performed by one well skilled in the structure of the parts; after this a Co mentation must be applied with lime water and camphorated spirit of wine. The patient may be bled in the other arm, and take Epsom salt to purge him; afterwards the wound may be dressed with Peruvian balsam; but if the bone is soul and rotten, the wound must be kept open till it exfoliates, or till the whole bone comes away : the dressing may be completed with dry lint, kept on with a diachylon plaster, and secured by a proper bandage-applied spirally round the finger.

Womb, falling down of This is a common disorder, and sometimes proceeds so far, that the womb becomes quite visible; sometimes it is only the internal membrane of the vagina : it is very seldom dangerous, for some have had it thirty years. In the cure, first give a common clyster; and then bleed, then apply white bread and milk to the part, or place the patient in an emollient bath, to soften the parts: then place the patient on her back with her hips higher than her head, and her legs quite asunder; then put the womb back by degrees where you find the least resistance, and without any violence : let her lie in bed with her thighs close and her legs across for fifteen days. To compleat the cure, take a scruple of alum and dragons blood, mixt together in equal parts, three times a day; then boil two ounces of oak bark in two quarts of water to one; towards the end, add an ounce of pomgranate rind, and an ounce and a half of red roses: strain the liquor, and mix it with halt a pint of red wine; let the parts be fo mented with flannel dipt in this liquor, morning and evening. If these should fail, a broad ring made of cork and covered With bees wax, may be put up and retained without trouble.