This is attended with a pain, heat and tension at the bottom of the belly, an acute fever, and inflation of the belly, a constant urging to make water and go to stool: when the inflammation is violent, there is a frequent fainting, and almost imperceptible pulse, and the ex tremities are cold, with a delirium and a phrensy, and what is very remarkable, the breasts swell in proportion as the inflamed part. In this cafe, the patient must live on chicken or veal broth; likewise after bleeding, let her take a spoonful frequently of a mixture of equal parts of syrup of marsh mallows and oil of sweet almonds, and inject a domestic clyster, or the following: "Take of cows milk half a pint, brown sugar "and oil of sweet almonds of each an ounce, mix and make "a clyster." To ease the pain, give anodynes or opiates from the very first, beginning with the mildest, as six drams of syrup of white poppies, or half a grain of the Thebaic extract, and afterwards twenty drops of the Thebaic tincture, enlarging the doses as occasion requires; after three or four days, give an ounce of manna dissolved in a little whey; but perhaps the shortest method after bleeding, will be to lay a blister over the part affected, or as near it as may be.

Sometimes after hard labour, or from the fault of unskilful midwives, women in childbed have a flight disorder of this kind; and then give a powder made with a scruple of crabs eyes, ten grains of diaphoretic antimony, four grains of pu-rified nitre, and five grains of Virginian make root, repeating it as occasion requires. When there are hysteric spasms, add four grains of castor; likewise it will be proper to give a spoonful of oil of sweet almonds mixt with sperma ceti every day, anointing the belly with three ounces of oil of elder, in which a dram of camphire is dissolved. When this disease proceeds from external causes, and there is a fever, a pain in the groins, difficulty of urine and a costiveness, bleed first in the arm, and then in the foot; afterwards give a clyster, and then lay some of the following platter to the grieved part: "Take of "the drawing plaster two ounces, of sperma ceti half an "ounce, of gum ammoniac two drams, of safsron a dram, "of camphire half a dram; mix and make a plaster."