These are generally of the same nature, only the pain of the pleurisy is sometimes improperly called a stitch. They are an involuntary contraction of any muscle, or of the muscular, membranous, or nervous fibres. Sometimes simple frictions will perform a cure, for this will often have such an effect that the thick humour, or sharp matter may be removed or dispersed thereby; or it may be appeased by the application of spirit of wine and camphire, or Hungary water, or spirits of lavender. When there is a very violent cramp, enquiry must be made whether the blood is too abundant, or whether the customary bleedings have been stopt; if this be the cafe, bleeding in the arm will contribute to a cure, and the usual evacuations must be restored. Outwardly, the spine of the back must be rubbed carefully with the saponaceous liniment or opodeldoc. When the parts remain hard or stiff, anoint them with the ointment of marsh-mallows, or the fat of capons, or neat's soot oil, or oil of rosemary. if it returns often use temperate baths, regular diet, and drink the Spaw waters. The following liniment is excellent in these cases : "Take of Venice soap, two drams; of camphire, two scru-"ples; oil of mace by expression and Hungary water, of "each half a dram; of the spirit of sal ammoniac, thirty "drops; of the oil of juniper, forty drops; of castor a dram "and a half; mix them and make a liniment."