This sometimes proceeds from a weak-ness of constitution, and lowness of spirits, and sometimes from the forming of cataract, or the beginning of gutta serena. In the first cafe, it will be proper to drink tea constantly made with cephalic herbs and roots, varying them at pleasure. These are, wild valerian root, the leaves of betony, sage, rosemary, fennel, and the flowers of rosemary and lavender. In the other cafe, regard must be had to the diseases; but the cataract must be suffered to grow ripe and hard, and then it must be deprest by a surgeon skilful in these matters. Sometimes a person can only see near objects; in this case he must make use of a concave glass, to be had of the opticians. When he can only see di stant objects distinctly, which is almost the constant attendant of age, he must use a convex glass or spectacles.