This is a loss of sight when no fault appears in the eyes; the cure may be promoted by drinking the infusion of male speedwel, rosemary-flower-, sage, fennel, valerian root, and sassafras in the manner of tea; the powder of hog-lice are excellent in this cafe, the dose is half a dram twice a day, or two ounces of the expression of hog-lice of the shops; sulphur of antimony, given to three or four grains once a day, is accounted a specific: issues on the future on the top of the head, are likewise proper, or in the neck; as also cupping with scarification on the back part of the head, by which some have been restored to sight in an instant: a grain of calomel given every night in conserve of roses, has been of great service. When all things else fail, the head must be shaved, and a blister laid all over it; however, when this disease is old and obstinate, it is generally incurable.