Sometimes this disorder proceeds from loss of strength, from profuse bleeding, from a sudden fright, from some terrifying spectacle, from long fasting, and from the hysteric passion, as well as from a decayed strength proceeding from other diseases.

In the (lighter sort which happens from the opening of a vein, from the fight of blood, wounds, ulcers, the cutting of a limb, and so forth, the patient had best go into the air, which will effect; a cure; but if this cannot be done, hold volatile spirits to the nose, or sprinkle the face with cold water, or give them a draught of generous wine. When the patient is to be let blood, and is afraid of fainting, it will be proper to lay him on the bed till it is over.

When the fainting fits are more grievous, apply the strong spirit of sal-ammoniac to the nostrils, temples and pulses, with strong frictions; or give forty or fifty drops of some strong volatile spirit inwardly in water; not forgetting a draught of strong generous wine, or a glass of cinnamon water; likewise the hands and feet may be rubbed strongly with coarse cloths, or he may be pulled by the ears, nose, etc. till he recovers.

When the patient is hysteric, things that have a strong smell should be applied to the nose, such as castor, assa foetida, partridges feathers burnt, burnt leather, horn or the like; or the volatile fetid spirit, not forgetting vellications or frictions of the aforesaid parts.

When it proceeds from losing too much blood, from wounds or otherwise, it must be stopt as soon as possible; and the patient must take strong broths, gellies, spirituous liquors, and generous wines. The same remedies will do in loss of strength from diseases, and from a defect of spirits and good juices.