This is a fleshy skin that arises from the corner of the eye, and at length covers the eye entirely or in part; sometimes the web is thin and white, sometimes thick, rough, obseure and painful; sometimes it turns cancerous, and then nothing is to be done. In the cure, this web ox-coat is to be eaten off by corroding medicines, or removed by the hand of the surgeon; the juice of celandine is recommended, in which glass of antimony or crocus metallorum has been infused; or make use of the following collyrium: "Take of the stone called haematites prepared half a scruple, "of white vitriol fifteen grains, myrrh and saffron of each "five grains, of white sugar candy five grains, mix them "and make a powder;" mix this with fennel water, and with a hair pencil or fine feather apply it to the part.