To cure this disorder, it will be proper first to cleanse the stomach with a vomit of ipecacuanha, and afterwards to take two or three doses of half a dram of rhubarb, with twelve grains of diuretic salt, twice a week; sometimes a prudent repetition of this will carry off the disease without any farther trouble : if this fails, give the following bolus in its room. "Take of rhubarb twenty five grains, of calomel "seven grains, of solutive syrup of roses enough to make a "bolus:" it is to be given early in a morning, taking care of catching cold. If this likewise is ineffectual, give thirty drops of the tincture of cantharides twice a day, in a large draught of the decoction of guaiacum. After all, if nothing else will do, recourse must be had to the styptic powder as the only anchor of hope: that is, the powder of equal quantities of roch alum and dragons-blood melted together, from a scruple to a dram of which may be taken thrice a day or oftner, according to the urgency of the disease. But care must be taken that the patient has no venereal taint, or that this disorder is not in consequence of the King's evil; for then regard must be had to the original disease.