This is known from the swelling of the kernels in the neck, which rife by degrees, and are generally without pain; they likewise appear under the chin, in the armpits, groin and hams, but most commonly in the neck, and below the ears. This disease will cause inflammations in the eyes, and a redness and puffing up of the edges of the eyelids, as also a flux of tears and other matter from the greater corner of the eye; sometimes the upper lip will appear thick and swelled, and there will be a crusty soul ulcer in the nose.

The cure of this disease requires the most powerful remedies, which must be persisted in a long while. "Take of burnt "spunge a scruple, purified nitre, coraline and white sugar "of each ten grains, mix and make a powder." This is to be taken twice a day, drinking a large draught of shell lime-water after it: or rather let lime-water be the constant drink. He must abstain from salted meats and high seasoned diet, eating things easy of digestion: or, "Take mercurius dulcis "and the golden sulphur of antimony of each five grains, of "soccotrine aloes fifteen grains, of syrup of balsam enough "to make a mass, out of which make five pills;" give one morning and evening: they will hardly make the mouth fore, but if they should, leave them off for a while. Or, "Take "of Ethiops mineral two ounces, of hog-lice prepared two "drams and a half, of sponge prepared two drams, of preci-"pitated sulphur two drams, of conserve of mallow flowers fix "drams, of solutive syrup of roses enough to make an electary;" the dose is the size of a nutmeg morning and evening, drinking a pint of sea-water after every morning dose.