The milder sort of this disease appears first about the hams and other joints, and from thence spreads by degrees all over the body, the head only excepted. The moist itch is attended with pimples full of purulent matter, with a flight inflammation, which is known from their redness before they break. The dry kind afflicts those that are lean, old, and of a melancholy constitution : the pimples or pustules are most numerous between the fingers, and on the hams, thighs and arms. When the itch is fresh caught, it may be safely cured by the following ointment: "Take of pomatum half a pound, "of flower of brimstone two ounces, of the essence of le-mons twenty drops; mix and make an ointment." Part of this must be rubbed into the joints, arms and thighs, every night at bed-time. When the disease is obstinate, it will be proper to give a purge with mercury thus: "Take of colo-"quintida pills with aloes half a dram, of calomel ten grains, "mix, and make five pills for one dose."When the working is over, give five of the following pills thrice a day: "Take "Ethiops mineral half an ounce, calx of antimony a dram, "of conserve of hips enough to make them into pills, ten "out of every dram." After the third day, the purge may be repeated if necessary, and then the other pills. When the cafe is very stubborn, take calomel and the golden sulphur of antimony of each five grains, of soccotrine aloes fifteen grains, and syrup of balsam, make them into pills for five doses, to be taken morning and evening. At night the fol lowing liniment may be rubbed into the parts above mentioned : "Take of hogs lard two ounces, of white mercury precipitate "a dram, mix them." The diet must be slender, and all salted meats and hot spicy things must be avoided.