This may be easily perceived; for, besides a pricking pain, the vessels of the white of the eye are turgid with blood, whence an unusual redness appears all over that part. In this cafe, the patient must, abstain from all heating things, tobacco and snuff; the light must not be strong nor the room smoaky, the drink may be water alone, or a decoction of fennel seeds, hartshorn and barley. The slighter inflammations from the dust or fun, may be cured by fomenting them with milk or water, and anointing the eyes with ointment of tutty at night. If the eyes are weak, and but little inflamed, they may be washed with brandy and water. Sometimes moats or the hairs of the eye-lids growing inwards, will cause this inflammation; therefore the eyes should be carefully examined, that these causes may be removed. The slighter cafes may be cured without bleeding; but when there is a fever or a considerable inflammation, the patient must be bled freely in the arm or jugular; however, laying blisters behind the ears will sometimes do alone, especially if they are kept running two or three days : or rather fix two leeches to the lower part of the orbit of the eye, or near the outward corner; the wound must be suffered to ooze for some hours after they are fallen off". In all great inflammations, this method must be used after bleeding, blistering and purging; when the inflammation gives way a little to evacuations, the alum curd spread on lint may be laid to the eye at bed-time, for it is the best external remedy. When this disease proceeds from a venereal taint, or from the king's evil, this method will fail.