In this disorder while the (kin continues whole, and is only distended with a troublesome inflammation and itching, it will be proper to rub the part with snow or cold water, and to avoid coming near the fire as much as possible : for as this disease is occasioned by cold, the fire will be hurtful, as in all other cafes proceeding from excessive cold. After the snow, the part may be rubbed with camphorated spirit of wine, and then the patient may be put to be bed, and be made to sweat with internal medicines. When the chilblain tends to break and suppurate, it may be treated with Peruvian balsam, or tincture of myrrh and aloes, which will deterge and heal them, applying a compress, dipt in a mixture of lime-water and camphorated spirit of wine; but if it should turn to a gangrene or sphacelus, a suppuration must be procured, or an amputation made: the gangrene must be scarified to the quick, and treated with warm fomentations or poultices, as in burns, to separate the corrupted part from the living: But in all such cafes the assistance of an experienced surgeon must be called in.